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About OsmTrip

Hello there! I'm Shabaj, The founder of OsmTrip. It's not just a travel blog; it's a journey into the extraordinary. OsmTrip, initiated in August, is a foundation built on the exploration of new places and the joy of discovery.

My Journey, Your Adventure

Every day, I uncover new destinations, and this blog is a part of sharing those experiences. At the, you'll find a treasure trove of my travels, recommendations, and firsthand experiences. Each place is captured through vivid imagery to help you grasp the beauty and significance of the location.

Let's Venture Together into New Horizons 

OsmTrip aims to take you to places you may have never imagined. This blog is designed for those seeking new adventures. Join me in exploring the extraordinary, where the purpose is to inspire and connect with fellow travelers on this exciting journey.


(Founder - Osmtrip. site)

Shabaj is a successful pharmacist and blogger, he is the Founder and Content Strategy Head of Osmtrip. Site He started his Blogging Career in 2023 and has so far contributed to many successful thoughts.

( Content Writer & Manager )

Asad is also a pharmacist and writes content for Osmtrip. Site, he started his content writing in 2022 and has done content for many companies till now.

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